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Ambulance RITO

Ambulance RITO

Geo Sys builds special rescue vehicles according to customer’s request on different vehicle frames. All control elements are placed user-friendly in the center console between driver and passenger seat.


For the basic version Geo Sys chose the Mercedes-Benz Van in order to guarantee good handling characteristics. Generally the vehicle can be produced from any desired van chassis. It is equipped with all necessary signal- and communication units.

Rettungstransportwagen RITO


The cabin has all required facilities and instruments which are needed for the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic care of the patients. Before action the instrumentation is sterile shrink-wrapped in order to limit the costly and problematic disinfection of the electronic units carried onboard the vehicle. That way the devices are withdrawn separately from the packaging and only in case of need. All units which were not used during the action can easily be ster-ilised after the transport because the aseptic package is still sealed.

Air Disinfection

The vehicle has a new technical innova-tion. Geo Sys designed a special device for the thermal fumigation of the con-taminated air inside the cabin. By means of extracting the contaminated air we ensure the protection of the medical staff and the environment. For the thermal disinfection of the extracted air a unit is used which heats up the exhausted air to more than 160°C. Any virus contained in the air is killed reliably.

Rettungstransportwagen RITO

Heating and Climate

During the thermal disinfection of the extracted air from the inside of the cabin continuously warm air is produced. This air is not emitted unused outside but it is utilised to run the floor heating. Added outer air is heated up to the re-quired temperature by a heat exchanger and led through channels in the floor of the cabin. There is an additional convection heating with a fan for a speedy heating of the interior. Furthermore the vehicle is equipped with a cooling roof.


Inside the cabin there is an ambulance table on which conventional gurneys can be slid on and arrested. During the treatment of the patient the ambulance table can be arrested in head-low and feet-low position. For the medical staff there are sprung car seats on each side of the ambulance table. The seats are turnable, fold-away and are equipped with safety belts. The seat padding is removable so that the disinfection of the cushioning can be done outside the ve-hicle as well. For the medical instruments and for the dressing material there is a closet at the front wall which can be easily disinfected. All contained bins can be withdrawn and fumigated.


The complete interior of the cabin is covered with stainless steel including the inside of the doors. It already has an antiseptic impact. The large surface of the wall panels allows a simple disinfec-tion of the interior by standard meth-ods. The consequent avoidance of cavities inside the cabin prevents the depo-sition of virus at locations which are difficult of access. The floor is furnished with a non-skid covering which provides the required footstep safety inside the vehicle.

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