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Known worldwide for the production of measuring- and loggin-trucks, geophysical equipment and special purpose vehicles.

Geo Sys. YOUR PARTNER FOR environmental technology and geophysical equipment

Geo Sys Umwelttechnik und Geogeräte GmbH Leipzig is today known worldwide for the production of measuring and winch vehicles. Geo Sys Umwelttechnik und Geogeräte GmbH was founded at that time as a spin-off from the Combination Geophysics Leipzig and produced and delivered worldwide more than 250 winch systems, several containers, lubrikators, slicklines, ABF devices, etc.

Geo Sys Umwelttechnik und Geogeräte GmbH is an exporting company that has worked over the last 30 years with several Russian cities such as Surgut, Tver, Kogalym, Kaliningrad, Tyumen, Jamal, as well as with the states of the former Soviet Union such as Turkmenistan, Aserbajdshan and Ukraine. It developed a good partnership with some companies and according to this several projects were emerged. Geo Sys GmbH is also known in Europe (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria) and Asia (Jordan) for high-quality geophysical devices for the oil and gas industry on the market.

Team of engineers, designers, and technicians with many years of professional experience, Geo Sys GmbH is always up-to-date and constantly develops new ideas and innovative products for both existing and new business areas, such as home connection inspection or special trucks.

Geo Sys GmbH main markets

The main markets of Geo Sys GmbH today are:

Measuring and winch logging trucks

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Hole measuring equipment

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geoelectrical measuring equipment

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Geoelectrical measuring

The USBA is the latest generation of acoustic borehole logging instruments, which allows fully acoustic waveform analysis and borehole logging of open cased boreholes. The multipole, acoustic measurement is a full wave borehole measurement as monopol, dipole and quadropole. The 8-segment cement composite instrument allows high-resolution detection of poor cement coatings.

In addition, we offer a wide range of geophysical equipment such as lubricators or SKID units.

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Geophysikalische Messtechnik


Special Purpose Vehicles

Geo Sys manufactures a wide range of winch vehicles, with winch systems for pulling forces up to 11t (24000 lbs). Our vehicles are field-proven under the most extreme conditions. For example, the arctic cold of Western Siberia and the desert of Arabia are no problem for our vehicles.

In addition to winch vehicles, we build special rescue vehicles according to customer requirements on various vehicle frames. All controls are located in a user-friendly way in the center console between the driver and passenger seat.

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Rettungstransportwagen RITO

GEO SYS Rettungstransportwagen RITO