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Known worldwide for the production of measuring- and loggin-trucks, geophysical equipment and special purpose vehicles.

Geo Sys. YOUR PARTNER FOR environmental technology and geophysical equipment

Geo Sys Umwelttechnik und Geogeräte GmbH Leipzig specializes in the production of geophysical measuring instruments and measuring equipment. The company was founded in 1990 as a branch from the Combination Geophysics Leipzig and produced since then over 250 winch systems, several offshore containers and geophysical measuring instruments, such as logging units, lubricators, slicklines and skid units.

Over the last 30 years Geo Sys GmbH has been known in Russian Federation (Surgut, Tver, Kogalym, Kaliningrad, Tyumen, Jamal), as well as in other countries (Turkmenistan, Aserbajdschan, Jordan and Ukraine). Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany are also interested in high-quality geophysical measuring instruments from Leipzig. Thanks to many years of experience, installations are built according to the wishes and specific requirements of the customers.

Today, the name Geo Sys Umwelttechnik und Geogeräte GmbH Leipzig stands worldwide for product quality, uniqueness, competence, continuous innovation in the development and construction of geophysical measuring instruments and measuring equipment in the oil and gas industry.

Geo Sys GmbH main products

The main products of Geo Sys GmbH today are:

Measuring and winch logging trucks

Hole measuring equipment

geoelectrical measuring equipment

Logging Truck

Geo Sys manufactures an extensive range of logging trucks from heavy duty units with high tension (11t/ 24.000 lbs) to medium duty units. Our logging trucks are field proven under the harshest operating conditions from the high arctic in West Siberia to the desert in Arabian region. The GSW is a service unit which consists of any desired truck chassis and a cabin designed and manufactured as specified by the customer. Used as a platform for geophysical measurements in the exploration and production of oil and gas the vehicle can be operated fully selfcontained and remote from any supplying facilities. Air conditioning and heating systems allow operation in diverse environments.

The GSW has been designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -40° C – +50° C. The cabin will be assembled to any truck chassis by a subframe. Divided into two compartments the cabin contains a hydraulic winch and a lab designed to house the control panel for the winch and enough space for any required acquisition and interpretation equipment. Many modern amenities can be incorporated for the service crew.

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Geo Sys Logging Trucks

Geo Sys Logging Trucks

Special Purpose Vehicles

Geo Sys manufactures a wide range of winch vehicles, with winch systems for pulling forces up to 11t (24000 lbs). Our vehicles are field-proven under the most extreme conditions. For example, the arctic cold of Western Siberia and the desert of Arabia are no problem for our vehicles.

In addition to winch vehicles, we build special rescue vehicles according to customer requirements on various vehicle frames. All controls are located in a user-friendly way in the center console between the driver and passenger seat.

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Rettungstransportwagen RITO

GEO SYS Rettungstransportwagen RITO