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Logging Truck

Logging Truck

Geo Sys manufactures an extensive range of logging trucks from heavy duty units with high tension (11t/ 24.000 lb) to medium duty units. Our logging trucks are field proven under the harshest operating conditions from the high arctic in West Siberia to the desert in Arabian region. The GSW is a service unit which consists of any desired truck chassis and a cabin designed and manufactured as specified by the customer. Used as a platform for geophysical measurements in the exploration and production of oil and gas the vehicle can be operated fully selfcontained and remote from any supplying facilities. Air conditioning and heating systems allow operation in diverse environments.

The GSW has been designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -40° C – +50° C. The cabin will be assembled to any truck chassis by a subframe. Divided into two compartments the cabin contains a hydraulic winch and a lab designed to house the control panel for the winch and enough space for any required acquisition and interpretation equipment. Many modern amenities can be incorporated for the service crew.

The cabin can be mounted on any chassis by using a subframe. The cabin is divided into two rooms, a winch room and a measuring room. The winch room provides space for the winch and various stowage options, the measuring room is designed as a command center and living area. From there the winch is operated via a control station. In addition, there is enough space in the measuring room for additional analysis and interpretation instruments.

Built for rough roads and terrain

Geo Sys logging trucks have four-wheel drive for off-road and sand driving. Logging trucks are available for use in arctic environments as well as for desert applications

Technical features

  • Long life hydraulic components up to 400 bar
  • Planetary gear built in the drum (no chain necessary)
  • Disk brake built in the planetary gear (no external band – brakes)
  • step cable cleaner (mechanical, pressure air, steam)
  • Depth correction by magnetic marks
  • Single, double or split drum available
  • Roof, in rear of the winch room, can be opened
  • Maintenance free mercury collector up to 7 conductors
  • Cable spooler with measuring head incl. depth encoder, tension sensor, magnetic mark system
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Designed for use in most environments

  • Fully insulated for arctic and desert operations
  • Special under-floor heating for the lab
  • Integrated CFC-free air condition
  • Special coated and shielded roof to prevent cabin from heating-up

Self-contained for remote operations

  • Hydraulic winch powered by PTO of main truck engine
  • Diesel generator for power supply
  • Compartments provided for neces-sary logging tools
  • Kitchen unit with fresh water tank
  • Sleepers provided

Technical Specification of the Logging Truck

Over all dimensions
Height 3.891 m (12.840 ft)
Width 2.493 m (8.277 ft)
Length 8.979 m (29.630 ft)
Ground clearance (body) 1.175 m (3.877 ft)
Engine 310 P
Generator 8 – 10 kW; 110/230 V; 50/60 Hz; 1 phase
Drum capacity 5000 m (16.000 ft) – 7/16 in. cable or cus-tomer specified
max. 250 m/min (820 ft/min)
min. 0,5 m/min (1,6 ft/min)
Maximum pull capability
Full drum 30 kN
Empty drum 60 kN

The winch can be operated with single or multi conductor cable and can be manufactured as a single, double or split drum.

Safety and maintenance

  • Direct-driven winch without sprocket, chain or other moving parts
  • Hydraulic driven brakes, in case of leakage or failures in the hydraulic system the brakes work automatically by falling pressure
  • Cable spooler for regulated coiling of the cable
  • Oiler system for the cable
  • Drip pan assembled under the winch
  • Mechanically secured transport device for the logging tools
  • Black box which records each second or minute the cable speed, tension, depth, date and time

Depth computer

  • Display of depth in meter or feet
  • Display of tension in kN or lbf
  • Display speed in m/h or fpm
  • Automatic winch drive with pre-set speed (constant speed independent full or empty drum)
  • Automatic shutdown exceeding max. tension
  • Automatic shutdown exceeding min./max. depth
  • Automatic shutdown at relief of cable to avoid loops
  • Integrated function for calibration of depth and tension

Logging truck for logging operations in horizontal wells

A special designed cable with a diameter of 21 – 32mm will be used in cooperation with special designed spooler and hydraulic system. The cable is used as a standard logging cable for data transmission and power supply for the tools and by the special outer steel armour for transport of the tool in the first part of a horizontal well. With an additional “injector”, which is under development, the tool can be transported further in the horizontal well.