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The Acoustic Borehole Logging Equipment –USBA, a new generation of acoustic borehole logging tools, which allows full acoustic waveform analysis and logging in cased and open well bores. The multipol acoustic log service is a full wave monopole, dipole and quadropol logging service. The 8-segment cement bond tool allows the high resolution detection of bad binding channels in the cementation.

USBA – Segment (SCBL)

The USBA-Segment incorporates two high power transmitters and one group of 4 piezo ceramic receivers. This logging tool measures the cement binding (cement – casing and cement – formation) in 8 angular segments around the casing. The USBA SCBL gives you full wave form logs in 8 channels to determine the cementation in 8 segments. Per each segment the full wave for the amplitude and the arrival time will be logged.


  • Provide quantitative analysis of cement bond to the casing in 8 segments and formation
  • Provide 360° cement bonding evaluationn
  • Identify intervals of uniform bonding and detect channels lacking cement
USBA – Segment (SCBL)

USBA – Multipole (MAL)

The USBA-Multipole incorporates two high power transmitters and one group of 4 piezo ceramic receivers, improving data quality in both openhole and through-casing applications. The MAL raw data are processed to obtain wave-form amplitude, slowness and arrival time. These data are incorporated into advanced log analysis programs to evaluate fractures and lithology, fluid contact and rock properties. This logging tool allows a full wave monopole, dipole and cross dipole logging service, ensuring the complete acquisition of quality compressional (Pwave), shear (S-wave) and stonley-wave in a single logging pass.


  • Porosity, lithology and permeability determination
  • Determine distribution of rock mechanical properties
  • Predict orientation of natural fractures
  • Estimate relative permeability
  • Determine formation strength parameters using compressional and shear wave travel times
  • Through casing acquisition of shearwave(S-wave), compressionalwave (P-wave) and stonleywave data

USBA-Combination (SCBL and MAL)

This tool integrates the Segmented Cement Bond Tool and the Multipole Acoustic Log Tool.

Technical Specification Logging Equipment

USBA-Segment USBA-Multipol USBA-Combination
Maximum ratings
Maximum pressure 100 Mpa 14493 psi
Operating temperature 150 °C (297 °F)
Diameter 80 mm / 3,14 in
Length 4 m / 13,11 ft
Weigth 67 kg / 147,63 lb
Max. length for transportation 1,8 m / 5,90 ft
Logging speed
min. 5 m/min 16,39 ft/min
max. 20 m/min 65,57ft/min
2 centralizer at each tool each centralizer with 8 springs (exchangeable)
Conductors 3-wire or mono conductor
Cable length 6500 m 21311 ft
Cable head 60 mm RGW (adapters available)
Borehole diameter
min. 100 mm / 3,92 in
max. 300 mm / 11,76 in
Typ magnetostrictive
Quantity 2
Resonance frequency of transmitter 18 kHz
Frequency range 5 – 30 kHz
Typ piezoceramic
Frequency range 1 – 50 kHz
Quantity 1 groupe 1 Groupe 2 Groupe